Chapter 5 IP Endpoints
Maintenance Guide
5 ?
IP100 Phone Troubleshooting
If an IP100 phone becomes unresponsive or behaves in an undesired fashion, use the
following diagnostic steps to collect diagnostic information and forward to ShoreTel
Customer Support for analysis.
Step 1
Record the IP address and MAC address of the problematic IP phone.
These can be found in Shoreware Director under IP Phones and
Individual IP Phones.
Step 2
On the IP phone, press the menu button and record any information
displayed on the screen.
Step 3
Record the state of the IP phone. View the IP phone state by selecting
the IP phone?s host switch in QuickLook and clicking IP Phones
Maintenance. Record the IP address of the host switch.
Step 4
Ping the problematic IP phone using the ?ping? command on the IP
Phones Maintenance page.
(IP address).
If the IP phone returns the following message(s), go to Step 5.
File System Error
An error was returned by the file system API.
Invalid Signature
The boot or application image file is the wrong type for this phone
Invalid Image Version
The .bmp image was not of a known acceptable format
Download CFG file failed/filename Failed to download the main configuration file specified.
Couldn?t Get INCL file/filename Failed to read the specified Include file from the FTP server
Using Cached CFG (for S0)
Using Cached CFG Files! (for
If a complete config file and all includes cannot be downloaded a
cached config file is being used.
Enter Factory mode/*=No #=Yes In Response to mute-rramos
Factory Test KPD Mode
You are in the factory test mode ready to test the keypad (via mute-
Example Application
This message is a remnant of some test code and should never be
Boot Application
If only a boot application is in flash and an application image
cannot be downloaded, this will be displayed after the boot process
Ethernet is not detected
100 Mbps/Ethernet
100 Mbps Ethernet speed in use
10 Mbps/Ethernet
10 Mbps Ethernet speed in use
Request Service (for S0)
Requesting Service (for others)
Being requesting service from MGC
No Service
MGC service is unavailable
Table 5-1
Diagnostic and Failure Messages
Display Message